Practice Areas

Executive Consulting

Evidence-based, scientifically-validated and organizationally proven transformation and culture-design initiatives

Executive Coaching

Powerful one-on-one, research-informed insightful relationships leading to excellence and transformative leverage

Institutes and Bootcamps

Customized, intensive engagements for executives, focusing on strategic leverage, corporate agility, executive creativity and transformative excellence

Award-Winning Training

A full-cycle curriculum of transformation and cultural design offerings, from executive to front line

Inspiring Keynotes

Incisive, evidence-based, cutting-edge presentations presented by Dr. Gedeon, designed to challenge, inform and entertain your conference delegates

Organizational Assessment

Comprehensive and probing cultural and transformation audits of departments and organizations, using advanced psychometric tools and validated methods.

About the Firm

Transformative Directions is a full-cycle executive consulting, training, and assessment firm, dedicated to working with organizations and executives to bring about the corporate and personal transformations they are seeking. Contrary to popular change management approaches that often have modest returns, lasting transformation cannot simply be based on the dissemination of information and a re-alignment of processes. Rather, lasting transformation can only be achieved when the evidence-based psychology of human transformation is understood and incorporated into corporate leadership and culture, and only thereafter, into agile strategy and creative implementation.

Dr. Gedeon’s Transformative Directions is the only organization to bring together the power of strategy and implementation with the actual mechanics of human transformation to bring about frameworks and approaches that result in true transformation, in re-energized culture, in excellence in leadership, and in an engaged and inspired workforce.

Through custom-designed and creative management consulting engagements, award-winning executive leadership development and coaching programs, acclaimed keynote addresses, and effective cutting-edge assessment expertise, Transformative Directions has the power to inspire your leadership, advance your organization, excite your workforce, and produce the permanent transformation your team seeks.

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