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Dr. Gedeon and Transformative Directions is the only organization to bring together the power of strategy and implementation with the actual mechanics of human transformation to bring about frameworks and approaches that result in true transformation, in re-energized culture, in excellence in leadership, and in an engaged and inspired workforce. Through award-winning and completely unique keynote addresses, Dr. Gedeon has the power to inspire your leadership, advance your organization, excite your workforce, and produce the permanent transformation your team is looking for. Connect with Dr. Gedeon or his staff today and see how far we can inspire your audiences and bring about the lasting transformation your are is seeking.

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The only keynote on the market that tackles the challenging issues of Transformative Leadership and delivers a result that will revolutionize how you think of leadership for years to come!
Your audience is comprised of professionals who are leading change and transformation initiatives all over the place. They are struggling with the complexities of change, the personalities at work, the resistance of staff, the maintenance of a constructive culture, and the continued engagement of the organization. They are searching for a model of transformation that can move their organizations to new heights, empower their staff, consolidate their processes, and result in lasting and constructive change. Enter Dr. JP Gedeon.

Dr. Gedeon has developed one of North America’s most respected and proven models of Transformative Leadership – a model that bases itself on the empirical insights of scientific research in transformative psychology, and combines it with the stark realities of the business environment. The model presents a novel and powerful way of approaching leadership, such that transformational success and powerful engagement are assured. Set out in seven impactful phases, the model moves leaders from paradigms of process-driven leadership to truly transformative mindsets – and challenges them to take on new, effective, powerful, and driven leadership styles that bring about permanent change and corporate resilience.

Presented in very accessible terms, with down to earth examples, and drawing on the collective experience in the room, Dr. Gedeon weaves the narrative of Transformative Leadership into an entertaining, laughter-filled, insight driven keynote, that will intrigue, surprise, and revolutionize how your audience thinks about leadership.

Every organization goes through times of change and transformation. These initiatives are the source of much tension in workflow as well as in the corporate culture. Often, strategies used to overcome blocks in transformation only produce more suspicion and lower staff morale, resulting in an ever-progressing spiral of confusion – and eventually, a failed transformation. Dr. Gedeon has the solution that can help.
Transformative Directions: The Interactive Experience is a hilarious and raucous keynote address that presents the basic tenets of transformative psychology and combines them with side-splitting antics and interactive exercises. Using the proprietary process of Transformative Directions, Dr. Gedeon leads your audience through an interactive and personal exercise that will both entertain and thrill them as well as provide them with personalized insights that they can immediately use to unstick their unique blocks to transformation.

Your audience will leave this keynote with a personal roadmap to transformation as well as a thought-provoking and entertaining story they will recount for a long time!

Transformation abounds in today’s bustling and chaotic world. The constant movement and swirl exerts considerable pressure on us, who often struggle to understand how to orient ourselves to the changes so that we can adapt and transform efficiently, permanently, and with as little discomfort as possible.

This presentation outlines the various phases and approaches we can take to be ready for transformations – whether that transformation is chosen or imposed on us. Basing himself on tenets of brain function, transformative psychology, psychosocial mechanics and plain old common sense, Dr. Gedeon presents an approach to transformative readiness that leads each delegate and audience members through a soul searching process, designed to move them to ever high levels of readiness for life’s inevitable transformations.

The current business climate requires a new paradigm in leadership – a paradigm that transcends traditional notions of command-and-control leadership, operational function, cultural status, and interpersonal dynamics. The new world of leadership orients itself to the reality of a multi-generational, tech savvy, entrepreneurial, and shifting workforce. This new leadership approach works to develop a culture in which each contributor coheres with colleagues, finds expansive engagement, achieves maximum efficiency and outcomes, all while being internally motivated toward excellence and growth. The new leadership paradigm is based on trust.

Bringing forth cutting edge research in the psychodynamics of trust, Dr. Gedeon presents a paradigm of trust-based leadership that has been proven (both scientifically and operationally) to create a culture of cohesive engagement, while simultaneously increasing individual, departmental., and corporate efficiency by orders of magnitude.

The most unique and unforgettable keynote ever! Inspire and amaze your delegates with this unique and cutting edge experience. Changes and transformation affect all of our lives. These times are usually some of the most challenging to weather, and are fraught with challenges. What inspiration can be found to walk through these times? What motivation exists to move through change and arrive at lasting balance? By staging a custom Broadway-Style One-Man Show, Dr. Gedeon inspires your audience to achieve strength, find wisdom, and conquer adversity through any change. By presenting the Top 7 Keys to Personal Transformation, a model based in the authoritative insights of transformative psychology, this keynote provides your attendees with the perfect combination of entertainment and content. Give them an experience they will talk about for years to come.

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Dr. Gedeon looks forward to embracing and supporting your conference vision. Dr. Gedeon’s presentations are all uniquely customized to deliver the immediately relevant and usable outcomes and experience you are seeking for your audience. For more information, please click here for Dr. Gedeon’s media kit.

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