Glowing Reviews

“Simply the best, most powerful keynote I have ever seen! Awesome job, JP! Here’s hoping to get you back again next year!”

Cheryl Y.
VP Sales, Toronto, Ontario

“This is simply the best speaker we’ve ever had for our group. Amazing information, and lots of fun. This exactly what our attendees needed. Thanks JP! We’ll definitely be in touch!”

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Fred S.
CEO, Calgary, Alberta

“The Ultimate Inspirational Keynote blew my mind. You’ll never see anything like this! It was mind-blowing. I actually laughed and I actually cried, but most importantly, I am now so motivated and inspired to make the changes I know I need to make.”

Pamela M.
HR Director, New York, New York

“We are so glad to have you back – you are one of our favorite speakers!! So many of our attendees ask for you year after year, and this year, you certainly outdid yourself! The Ultimate Inspirational Keynote was simply the most powerful keynote presentation we have ever seen. Congrats!”

Lisa B.
Finance Director, New York, New York

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That was UNFORGETTABLE!”

Stephen L.
EVP, Amherst, New York

“The training program developed and delivered by Dr. Gedeon provided our team with the building blocks they required to successfully further our corporate change. The team here hasn’t stopped talking about the education retreat and the insights they gained through the process. Our CEO is completely satisfied with the outcome of the training and with the coaching that ensured afterwards, and considers the investment made in development well spent. We whole-heartedly endorse Dr. Gedeon and Transformative Directions for any development or coaching outing your company might seek.”

Annamaria F.
VP People, Vancouver, BC

“I thought I knew what corporate transformation was all about, but now, I have a whole new appreciation for the field. I have a development plan and roadmap that Dr. Gedeon helped me put together, and I am well on the road to learning new skills. Thanks, JP, for helping become a better leader.”

Gary Y.
City Manager, Massachussetts, USA

“JP!! The funniest, most striking keynote speaker! Unbelievable energy, unbelievable voice, unbelievable message. Don’t miss out! Book this guy today!”

Brian L.
VP Marketing and Communications, Los Angeles, California