Executive Coaching


Unlock your transformative leverage by cultivating insights gleaned from intensive and probing dialogue

Holistic Approach

A coaching relationship that focuses on your entire person, promoting enhanced self-efficacy, resilience and leadership character

Measurable Results

Goal-driven, performance enhancing, context-tailored development geared toward creating expansive positive results

Development That Focuses Uniquely on You

A personalized, tailored and powerful approach

Transformative Coaching

Dr. Gedeon and his associates provide a unique style of coaching, basing its tenets in the principles of workplace and leadership psychology. Transformative Directions coaches are not simply conversation partners focusing on task-focused behaviours. Rather, all coaches are psychometrically certified, world-class proponents of workplace psychology and excellence, working with you to enhance your inherent transformative capacity, and lead to greater levels of success

Context-Specific and Custom-Tailored

Dr. Gedeon and his associates are recognized leaders in workplace excellence and transformative leadership. As such, unlike many other coaching practices, coaching relationships are not based on a pre-defined approach. Rather, Transformative Directions coaches engage in personalized and customized scientifically-validated assessments at the start of each coaching relationship, thereby setting the groundwork for a truly unique, client-focused, context-specific coaching offering


On-Going Support

Coaching relationships with Dr. Gedeon and his team are not localized and limited to time spent in in-person sessions. Rather, the scope of the relationship extends to a continuous presence of the coach, as dictated by the needs of the individual client. As such, your coaching relationship presents an on-going connection with your coach, to help promote your success in an as-needed manner, as well as in a structured session approach

Assessments, Psychometrics, and Measurement

All assessments conducted as part of transformative coaching are certified, internationally-validated, scientifically-researched tools, customized to provide clients with a clear behavioural, cultural, and orientative snapshot their current state. Such assessments are always held in strict confidentiality, and are accompanied by a personal debrief, to guide clients in interpreting the comprehensive results. Pre- and post- assessment comparisons provide an objective, evidence-based baseline on which to effectively measure progress, and chart new developmental possibilities.


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