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Founder and Managing Director, Transformative Directions

Dr. Gedeon

Corporate Transformation

Dr. Gedeon is considered one of North America’s leading transformation, culture, and workforce mobilization experts. All work on his projects is based in scientifically-validated business transformation principles that have evidenced astonishing results in raising workplace output and capacity by as much as 22% on a single project. Bringing world-class and cutting edge knowledge in workplace, human, and psychological capital, as well as in culture and transformative social interplay, Dr. Gedeon has developed the proven CD Model of Transformative Leadership – a recognized leadership modality that has enabled executive teams across North America in multiple sectors to achieve the operational, financial and developmental success they are seeking.

Transformative Education

Based on the principles developed through his elucidation of the proven CD Model of Transformative Leadership, Dr. Gedeon delivers award-winning and highly sought-after, multi-level leadership training in the principles, practices, and designs of transformative business function. Dr. Gedeon and his team provide a challenging, thought-provoking, and innovative full-cycle calendar of training and education courses, addressing the needs of everyone in your organization – from front-line employees to senior executives. Furthermore, to ensure the success of the transformative leverage represented in our clients’ developmental investments, Dr. Gedeon and his team sit with each leadership team to assess, understand, and analyze the particular circumstances leading to the need for transformative training. As such, each educational and developmental offering is custom-tailored to speak to needs of your staff, your goals, your outcomes, and your workforce.¬†

Dr. Gedeon also serves as Schulich Business School’s National Director for the Centre of Excellence in Strategic Business Transformation and Leadership.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gedeon is an acclaimed keynote speaker, providing your delegates a perfect blend of education and entertainment. Bringing his years of expertise in the fields of corporate and personal transformation, and blending it with his unique mix of powerful stage presence, humour, theatrical stories and personal connection, Dr. Gedeon presents your delegates with a compelling, memorable, and impactful keynote, ideally suited to opening your conference, or to sending your delegates home with a powerful experience to consider. Dr. Gedeon’s offers various¬† topics of presentation and can also work with clients to present a unique custom-designed address.¬†

Executive Coach

With over 20 years of business coaching experience , psychodynamic expertise, and transformative insights, Dr. Gedeon offers an intensive, holisitic, and insight-driven one-on-one developmental relationship, designed to meet your unique needs, support your areas of challenge, and help enhance and capitalize on the transformative leverage inherent in your leadership role. Coaching relationships are always strictly confidential. Outcome goals for the coaching relationship are always set and agreed upon in dialogue with Dr. Gedeon and the client.

Transformative Directions

Transformative Audits and Assessments

Transformative Directions assesses your organization’s current operational, human and psychological capital as well as its cultural and transformative leverage using world-class assessment and psychometric tools. Transformative Directions is a licensed, strategic partner with several of the world’s most prominent testing and assessment houses, and as such, can use the full weight of these scientifically-validated, internationally corroborated tools to provide clients with a clear snapshot of their current state. Assessment, diagnostic and analysis reports can be compiled and used by your workforce to create clear, driven, outcome-based development plans, that will in turn, guide your organization’s progress for years to come, changing culture and building expansive transformative leverage.

Innovative Facilitation and Integrated Developmental

The Transformative Directions process is undertaken through an engagement in innovative facilitated dialogue outings with your leadership team, leading to transformative reframing, experiential alignment and cultural re-design. By integrating the information, insights, experiences and viewpoints at your leadership table, Transformative Directions engages in proprietary and psychologically-informed case studies and conferences, to help lead your team to a new plane of inter-dependence, strategic acuity, transformative capacity, and expansive business outcomes, both procedural and financial.

Intensive Institutes and Leadership Bootcamps

Transformative Directions is a recognized provider of intensive leadership institutes across Canada and and United States. The firm is frequently engaged by corporations to put their leadership and executive teams through bootcamp style simulations intended to increase contextual awareness, cultural sensitivity, transformative leverage and leadership praxis. The intended outcome of such institutes is the enhanced development powerful leadership behaviours and modalities, in order to increase corporate self-efficacy, workplace hope, workforce optimism and corporate resilience. Through a proprietary and evidence-based process, institute outcomes are overlain with strategic initiatives and plans, in order to move the client organization toward expansive levels of service, excellence, accountability, and of course, financial success.

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