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Research Meets Industry

Dr. Gedeon is a recognized and leading researcher and practitioner of principles of transformative and developmental psychology in the workplace. Projects undertaken by Dr. Gedeon and his team are thoroughly assessed and analyzed using advanced and proven science. That science is then combined with the client’s unique  operation to create a truly custom-designed, penetrating, and organizationally impactful set of outcomes – always leading to a permanent, singular and constructive transformation for you and your workforce.


Custom-Designed Solutions

Your organization, its needs, its people and its contexts are entirely unique. Unlike the approach of many large firms, Transformative Directions never proposes or works with a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to the presenting problems you are experiencing.  Rather, solutions provided and implemented in your organizations by Dr. Gedeon and his team are deeply sensitive to this particularity of your current state. As such, all project proposals, research, development, and implementation are custom-tailored to meet the scientifically-measured and validated needs and gaps experienced by your culture and context. In this way, Transformative Directions conceives and creates processes that result in the permanent and developmental transformation you are seeking.

Leadership Excellence

Dr. Gedeon and Transformative Directions have developed scientifically-based, business- and industry-validated approaches to moving your leadership team toward context-specific, and results-driven excellence, while creating a transformative, adaptable and creative culture within your workplace. As such, Dr. Gedeon and his team are unique in their ability to holistically, psychologically, practically and operationally assess opportunities and gaps present in your workplace and within each of your team members, then transform those opportunities to enhanced levels of workplace capital, workforce performance, effective and streamlined operationalization, interpersonal hope, systemic optimism and corporate resilience.


Educational Excellence

Transformative Directions provides a full cycle roster of world class executive education, institutes and bootcamps, intentionally constructed to model the content of what is being taught within the modality of how teaching takes place. As such, participants are presented with an experiential grasp of the subject matter at hand, as well as with strategies, approaches, and innovative techniques for undertaking corporate priorities with a sight to extending the impact of the provided education for months and years to come.

"I very highly recommend Dr. Gedeon and his team. The investment, the process, and outcomes of their work exceeded our expectations."

Our organization was experiencing stress points, performance gaps, and inefficient operational practices. Having tried other interventions, we hired Dr. Gedeon to lead us through a comprehensive and organization-wide cultural transformation project. He and his team provided us with an insightful, surprising and incredibly effective sequence of training, consulting and coaching that truly led our executives and senior management team to visioning, aligning and modeling a new and compelling culture, which in turn has turned our organization around. In addition, I truly appreciated how Dr. Gedeon has sincerely kept in touch with us after the project, ensuring that we are well-positioned. We now consider him and his team as parts of our corporate family. I very highly recommend Dr. Gedeon and his team. The investment, the process, and outcomes of their work exceeded our expectations.
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