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Transforming Mindsets

Your organization is changing. Departments are being asked to shift, to move, to take on new mandates, to align to new objectives. Your leadership team is being taxed on all sides – being asked to manage the day-to-day as well as lead a corporate transformation that is challenging. How can leaders approach the challenge inherent in this reality? What strategies exist to cope with the complexity of change? What leadership approaches have been proven to work, and how can they be applied to your context?

Dr. Gedeon and his team have a proven track record of working with organizations across North America as transformative educator, developers, and executive facilitators – leading them toward an implemented and measurable vision of transformative leadership. An award-winning educator/developer, an experienced corporate executive, an internationally published author, and recognized as providing the most incisive and effective training/coaching programs in the field, Dr. Gedeon brings together the insights of scientific research, the experience of the board room, the tenets of effective strategy, and the mechanics of process into a customized educative or developmental interaction with your team.


Customized Education Offerings

All educational offerings presented by Dr. Gedeon and his team are customized to fit your organization’s particular needs, culture and context. Below is a list of fundamental education offerings in transformative leadership. Click on each of the selections for more information. Should you or your organization require transformative training of a different, please contact us. Dr. Gedeon and his team will work with you to develop a novel and unique experience to help you better enhance your organization.

Leadership teams are constantly asked to tackle the complexities of organizational change and transformation. These endeavors involve some of the most daunting challenges that confront leaders, in today’s marketplace. In order to succeed, a common vision, common approach, and consistent culture is essential, as are mastery of the corporate mission, process excellence, and staff empowerment and engagement. Therefore, moving forward with a common mind and purpose is essential for your leadership to succeed.

This custom workshop addresses the very questions and challenges that confront leaders as they work to achieve the goals of departmental or corporate change. Dr. Gedeon undertakes extensive pre-work to ensure that the models and approaches presented are congruent with your corporate culture and direction, while retaining the elements necessary for permanent and lasting change.

Multi-phasic management techniques will be presented and rooted in the tenets of empirically researched human transformative psychology. Discussions will be undertaken to ensure that your leadership team develops a common understanding of the principles of transformation. In addition, time will be spent in the development of a consensus roadmap – an implementable and agreed upon plan for actions to be undertaken after the workshop.

This educative day will provide your team with all the fundamentals they need to understand true transformation, to integrate the tenets of transformation into daily management, and to be able to speak a common language, thereby enhancing the corporate culture and fostering empowerment and openness to change.

Truly mastering transformative leadership requires more than simple training. It often requires complete immersion in a cogent and novel management approach that empowers staff and primes the department or organization for lasting and permanent change. At Transformative Directions, we are North American experts in putting together a comprehensive developmental program that will immerse your team in the practical application of proven, cutting-edge models, techniques, and interactions that are guaranteed to bring about permanent change.

Our process is to understand your organizational needs, to assess a developmental direction that is congruent with your mandate, and to devise a powerful training and education program that will synergize your knowledge and revolutionize how your entire team thinks of transformative leadership and corporate change.

Our Leaders’ Challenge experience is a unique offering in the organizational development marketplace. It is the only program available to leaders and executives that brings together the fundamental psychology of human transformation with the realities and pressures of the boardroom. Led by a team of executives, who also have their PhDs in the science of corporate transformation and leadership enhancement, this Development Experience will re-align your leadership toward the transformative goals and culture your organization values.

Topics covered include the models of human transformation, models of change management, models of transformative leadership, understanding cultural interaction and change, multi-phasic engagement strategies, transformative language technologies, integration of transformation with strategy, implementing transformative process re-alignments, diagnosing resistance points and devising cogent solutions, as well as designing empowering measurement frameworks to monitor success and stay on track. Most importantly, emphasis will be put on the development of a transformative roadmap – an implementable and personalized action plan, that can immediately be implemented throughout a department or throughout the entire organization.

Transformative leverage stems from a developed capacity to form and maintain a strategic  and adaptable mindset. Dr. Gedeon and his team have researched and elucidated the underpinnings of a lasting agile mindset. In this workshop:

  • Explore the underpinnings and requirements for transformative strategic capacity
  • Learn proven strategies to manage self and team to further enhance strategic capacity and departmental resilience
  • Discover orientations and outlooks designed to better communicate, in order to promote adaptable thinking and transformative culture
  • Develop corporate optimism to inspire resilience both in a team and throughout the corporation
  • Undertake personalized development through in-class practice and applied exercises as well as through the compiling of a focused growth and transformation plan. 

This program will enable leaders to develop the interpersonal and transformative skills needed to successfully leverage the talents of  staff. In addition, leaders will gain greater insights into what actions they can take to position their organization as an attractive employer, empower and motivate their teams, promote a learning culture, and build effective relationships with their employees. The primary way that leaders effect transformation is through the people they manage . Transformative coaching and mentoring are two important proactive tools leaders can deploy to achieve organizational goals and personal growth. Coaching is an interactive process through which managers and employees work together to develop employee capabilities or solve performance problems. Mentoring is a deliberate and voluntary relationship where a trusted counsellor or guide passes on knowledge and experience that enable the person being mentored to use his/her traits and skills effectively. Both coaching and mentoring therefore balance employee and corporate goals that encourage employees to take ownership of their performance and development plans. This program explores the various interactional modes, challenges and benefits that best promote corporate transformation and cultural re-design.

This offering will enable leaders to develop feedback skills, strategies, techniques and approaches that successfully implement appreciative inquiry into their leadership, mentoring and coaching interactions. Participants will examine how leaders can leverage principles in adult communication and learning to craft and deliver constructive and transformative feedback. Leaders will participate in interactive activities to practice appreciative inquiry in real-world settings. 

  • Explore the impact of emotional reasoning on feedback response
  • Analyze the stress behaviours that impact how feedback is delivered
  • Understand the levers of emotional responses and how to effectively manage them as a leader
  • Explore the impact of transformative discourse in a multi-generational workplace

This offering enables participants to explore how conflict occurs and what skills, behaviours and strategies can effectively manage conflict to result in permanent and constructive transformation. Leaders will examine their ability to diffuse challenging scenarios and forge their leadership approach to manage transformative conflict amongst team members. Leaders will practice conflict a style of transformative resolution (de-constructive criticism) in 1-on-1 scenarios and as leaders of a teams (1-to-many). 

  • Determine the various types of conflict present in the workplace
  • Recognize the effect of conflict styles on leadership perceptions, employee satisfaction and team performance
  • Explore the impact of action-oriented leaders and the risks of problem solving before diagnosing the scope of the transformative challenge presented by various conflicts

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